Guided by the principles of sustainability, responsible development, and being a good neighbour

Securing the needs of future generations

We believe it is important to support the needs of today’s society while valuing the needs of future generations. In all our actions and decisions, Evolve is committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and being a good neighbour within the communities we live and work.

The success of our business relies on our ability to foster sustainable growth in the areas we operate. We can protect the environment while providing job and business opportunities to locals. To do this effectively, engagement with stakeholders will be planned throughout the life of our company and our projects.

We believe that by making a meaningful contribution to our communities and valuing the environment, we can be a successful, sustainable company.

Peter Doyle, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer


Evolve’s priority is to minimize impacts from our operations on the local environment. We have implemented best practice environmental management and protection procedures across our business operations.

Environmental studies and monitoring have been ongoing at Tent Mountain since 2017. Baseline studies – including air quality, surface and groundwater assessments, vegetation mapping, wildlife studies, soil testing, noise assessments, and land resource studies – provide a thorough understanding of the existing environmental conditions of the area. Evolve will use these studies to help guide the development of the TM-PHES.


Our priority is to work with and bolster local communities through engagement and employment opportunities.

Our team is made up of Albertans who thrive on connecting locally, respecting stakeholders, and building strong, sustainable communities. Understanding the concerns and values of our stakeholders helps guide our values, and our operations.

As we work to develop the TM-PHES, the team at Evolve will be visible, talking to our neighbours about what the project means for them, their families, and their community.

We’ll be listening as well as talking, seeking to understand the community’s concerns and values so we can mitigate the impact of the TM-PHES on our local communities.

Our Indigenous Neighbours

Evolve recognizes our operations transect the traditional territories of many First Nations and Metis groups. We are committed to respecting the unique and diverse history, culture, values, and beliefs of these groups. Evolve is committed to employing and working collaboratively and constructively with Indigenous peoples.

As we continue to develop our project at Tent Mountain, we will pursue meaningful and respectful consultation with the Indigenous communities of the area.

Outside of the consultation process, we continuously welcome feedback, ask for input, and will listen to the concerns of the Indigenous peoples who may be impacted by our activities.