Energy Storage for Alberta

Supporting the energy transition in Alberta by providing innovative energy storage solutions

Supporting the energy transition in Alberta

Alberta’s electricity system is changing rapidly as it transitions from a dependence on coal-fired power generation to other sources including wind and solar power. The energy transition has impacted the reliability of Alberta’s electricity grid.

A reliable electricity supply is essential for our economy. Through the energy transition we face two major challenges: consistently aligning supply with demand, when some of that supply is intermittent, and ensuring the stability of the grid itself by maintaining enough of a property known as inertia.

Energy storage provides solutions for both challenges and has an important and growing role to play in the Alberta electricity system.

Alberta is challenged to supply reliable and affordable electricity to Albertans and to industry. Evolve’s energy storage projects will help meet this challenge.

Peter Doyle, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Evolve’s Energy Storage Projects

Evolve’s vision is to deliver on-demand electricity to support the energy transition in Alberta while at the same time supporting electrical grid stability. To do so we’re building a portfolio of energy storage projects in Alberta.

Tent Mountain Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Evolve and our partner TransAlta Corporation are repurposing the historical Tent Mountain Mine to develop a 320 MW / 4,955 MWh pumped hydro energy storage facility.

Evolve Battery

Evolve is providing battery storage solutions to energy intensive businesses in Alberta, to help them save on electricity costs.